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Nationwide, more than 2.6 million grandparents are raising grandchildren.


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought new and unexpected challenges to every household in America.

In Tennessee, school districts are following different plans for the 2020-2021 school year, including virtual learning from home, in-person learning at school, and hybrid plans (combining both virtual and in-person learning).

COA has created a flyer with practical tips & resources for grandparents who are helping grandkids with navigating their education.

In Tennessee, nearly 70,000 grandparents are responsible for their grandchildren living with them. Nationwide, more than 2.6 million people are raising grandkids. This number is increasing rapidly as more parents become addicted to opioids and are jailed, forced into treatment centers, or die from an overdose.

Regardless of the situation, there is limited information and resources available to assist grandparents as they become the primary caregiver for their grandchildren.

The role of grandparents can range from full custody to caring for children after school while parents work. Issues from custody arrangements, financial support, and raising children in the technology age need to be discussed.  Grandparents often lack key information about the range of support services, resources, programs, benefits, laws, and policies available to help them successfully fulfill their caregiving role.

The Council on Aging of Middle Tennessee created Empowering Grandparents: A Guide for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren© to help grandparents navigate this role. COA also provides in-person and over the phone consultations.

COA created this guide to address the needs of grandparent caregivers by providing specific information, resources, and support to assist in grandparents in this role.

To obtain a copy of the guidebook, please visit our office or call the Council on Aging at 615-353-4235. There is a $4.00 postage fee for mailing.

Empowering Grandparents: A Guide for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren© is a guide addressing the needs of these caregivers by providing specific information, resources, and support to assist in grandparents in this role covering topics such as:

Getting Started

Legal and Financial Matters

As Your Grandchild Grows

Relationships and Emotions

Children & Today’s Technology

Working With Schools

Changes in Children’s Healthcare

Taking Care of Yourself

General Resources

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren | Aging Matters | NPT Reports

Grandparents step in to raise kids amid opioid crisis | CBS News

Tips for taking care of yourself while raising grandchildren:

  • Do not let caring for your grandchild interfere with your medical appointments or filling your prescriptions.
  • Update your doctor(s) on the change in your responsibilities as you begin caring for your grandchild.
  • If you are still working, ask your employer for any programs that may offer assistance to you.  The company might offer flexible hours or to work longer days in order to work fewer days.
  • Eating properly will keep you energized and keep you on track for good health as well as providing a good example for your grandchild.
  • Ask for help. Make a list of small and large ways family and friends can support you.
  • Have a “family conference” of close and extended family members. Share how your life and other family members are changing.
  • Let your friends know how you would still like to see them, but you might need to plan ahead.
  • Utilize after school programs, summer break camps, or babysitters to take a break for yourself.  A break will help your mood and give you the opportunity to participate in activities you enjoy and maintain friendships.
  • Seek out a support group for grandparents.

Websites Suggested for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren:

American Association of Retired Persons, Grandparent Information Center

The Foundation for Grandparentingto raise grandparent consciousness, discuss aspects of grandparenting news and resources or relatives raising children.

The Foster Care & Adoptive Communitysite purpose: training; share information between foster, adoptive families, and all other professions working with abused and neglected children. a great site that contains GrandFacts, fact sheets for each state. Great, well-organized site for state, legal, financial, and social resources for raising children.

Family Law Advisor home page: information on grandparent issues and state-by-state resources.