January Scam of the Month - Council on Aging

Jury duty scams have been around for over a decade and the scam is increasing in our area. The Davidson County Sheriff issued a warning last month that people have been receiving calls from someone pretending to be a deputy. This fake deputy will than tell you that since you did not appear for jury duty, you must pay a fine or be arrested.

Sheriff Department deputies and/or court officers will NEVER call and ask for payment or make threats regarding arrest. Always remember that the goal of scammers is to use fear to illicit an emotional response.

If you have received a jury duty scam call, please report it by calling Metro Police Fraud Unit at 615-862-7594.

Tips to protect yourself:

  • Never give out personal information like social security numbers, DOB, etc.
  • Never give out financial information like bank account numbers or credit card information
  • Do not react out of fear. You have the right to verify any requests for information


Sources: FBI & News Channel 5